Potter County CD perpetuates its intrinsic conservation legacy through administration of the Dirt & Gravel/ Low Volume Roads program for the enhancement of water resources. A multitude of benefits exist for applicants that participate in the DGLVR program which grants road owners funding to improve road infrastructure and the subsequent water resources.


Why Dirt and Gravel Roads?


We must first understand roads that slice through forested and urban areas have the tendency to concentrate water, especially if the road is unkempt or outdated maintenance practices are employed. Concentrated flows that move down a road will pick up and transport road material including dirt aggregates. What results is this inevitable transportation of road material to a body of water where it is then deposited. Deposition of sediment causes unfavorable environments for inhabitants of the stream. In short, the more unnatural sediment in a stream, the less likely it is that fish will be able to thrive.


Efforts to heighten stream quality is a process that begins with the road owning entity working in conjunction with PCCD to determine which road is the top priority for remediation based on  contribution to adverse sedimentation. A formal application is then submitted to the District by the road owner requesting funding to fix road conditions that contribute to the sedimentation problem. Construction typically modifies road infrastructure which manages runoff in a way that allows for buffering time before it reaches the waterway. The end result is a superior road condition which requires less frequent maintenance cycles for the road owning agency.