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Project Examples

Keating Township – Matt Ward Road, Summer 2021

A 7′ undersized steel round pipe stream crossing across Matt Ward Road on Freeman Run in Keating Township was causing an excessive scour hole, AOP barrier, and road bank erosion. This detrimental culvert was replaced with a 19′-5″ bottomless aluminum box culvert. 7 constructed rock riffle grade control structures were installed to achieve stream continuity through the affected stream reach. A stream bed, bank margins, and a low flow channel were created inside the new structure to promote natural stream function and accommodate AOP. 60′ of modified mudsill cribbing and 10 root wads were used to stabilize the downstream banks and create habitat following scour hole remediation. 1,300′ of the road were improved through the replacement of 3 cross pipes and the installation of 1 new cross pipe. 2A road fill and a 6″ lift of limestone driving surface aggregate were placed on the road segment to achieve surface drainage and reduce surface erosion. Project cost totaled $211,316.92. The DGLVR Program contributed $162,109.17 while $45,000.00 came from DEP CEP funding. Keating Township contributed $4,207.75 in equipment and labor.

Pleasant Valley Township – Weimer Hollow Road, Spring 2020

This DGR project was completed along an unnamed class A wild trout stream. The existing road elevation was lower than the adjacent streambed elevation at a stretch of more than 100 feet long. The earthen berm separating the stream from the road was breached in a storm event, sending the majority of the stream’s flow down the road before reentering the channel downstream. The road profile was raised by four feet to permanently correct the issue. Log structures including the two sections of modified mudsill cribbing seen in the above right photo as well as five single log vanes were constructed to stabilize the bank and provide fish habitat. Finally, the road was surfaced with limestone to reduce erosion and provide a durable driving surface.