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Applying for Funding

Funding is available for road owners that maintain roadways open to public motor vehicle traffic. Agencies eligible for funding include but are not limited to Townships, Boroughs, PennDOT, Game Commission, Fish & Boat Commission, and DCNR.

Applicants are eligible for funding after ESM Certification (Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance) has been obtained. This is a free 2 day course hosted by the Penn State Center for Dirt and Gravel Roads that maintains eligibility for 5 years. Course information is found in the link below:

Applicant Eligibility:

  • ESM certified project leader

Site Eligibility:

    • Causes negative stream impact
    • Publicly owned road
    • Open to public motorized vehicle travel for at least 2 consecutive weeks annually
  • Traffic count averages less than 500 total cars per day (Sealed or Paved Low Volume Roads)

Funding Process:

Improvement efforts are a process that begin with the road owner working in conjunction with PCCD to determine which road is the top priority based on road conditions and remediation potential. A formal application is then submitted to the District by the road owner requesting funding to fix existing conditions that contribute to the sedimentation problem. Construction typically modifies infrastructure that manages runoff to allow for buffering time before it reaching the waterway. The end result is a superior road condition which requires less frequent maintenance cycles for the road owning agency.

If you want to know if your road qualifies for funding, contact the Potter County Conservation District Technician at (814) 320-4011.

Application Form