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Stewardship Projects

Each year, the District aims to organize multiple stewardship projects to engage the public in conservation activities. The goal of these projects is two-fold—to complete a citizen science and/or conservation project, and to provide participants with the knowledge and motivation to continue the work at home and in the community. In the environmental education world, this is known as improvement of one’s ‘environmental self-efficacy,’ or the belief that small yet mighty differences can be made to better the local landscape.

Pictured below are some of our stewardship opportunities offered through the years. From top left to bottom left: 1) Spring 2021 pollinator planting in CARP park with the Showstoppers 4H group; 2) Fall 2022 Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Treatment in collaboration with Susquehannock State Forest and the Susquehannock Trail Club in Cross Fork; 3) Fall 2020 Milkweed Seed collection with Project Wingspan, a citizen science effort of Pollinator Partnership, to redistribute as plant plugs throughout Pa, with the Showstoppers 4H group; 4) Spring 2019 The first District riparian planting with a community group—on Sartwell Creek with the Beyond the Horizon 4H group.

If your group or organization would like to take part in a project within the realm of environmental stewardship, please contact Communications and Outreach Coordinator Emily Shosh for more information – / 814-320-4017.