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CAP Development

Bradford, Tioga, and Potter Counties in association with Larson Design Group have launched a HUB website as part of their Countywide Cleanwater Action Plan (CAP) development. The HUB is intended to better inform local stakeholders and solicit information and feedback about projects and programs that can be completed as part of the implementation for this plan.

These CAPs are plans that are designed to address nutrient reductions, specifically nitrogen and phosphorous, in counties located within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. The counties have also decided to also address overall water quality, sediment, flooding issues, and stream stabilization issues as part of these plans. The plans are being developed through September 2021 and the implementation phase will be started immediately following, going through 2025.

The HUB site contains information that was provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to highlight areas of impacts and allow the local county CAP Development teams to better understand the nutrient impacts within their county. The site also contains a Landowner Project Survey, which allows stakeholders and landowners within the counties to provide valuable feedback and insight into local issues and desired solutions and results. This is a short survey that takes an individual approximately 5 minutes to complete but provides essential data to the county CAP Development Teams.

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