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Project Examples

The Potter County Conservation District seeks grant funding to install a variety of stream structures that reduce bank erosion, provide fish habitat, and recreational opportunities. Most structures utilize larch or hemlock logs and large R5/R6 blasted stone.

For a complete list of structures used and for more information visit the link below or contact Jared Dickerson, Watershed Specialist, at (814) 320-4015.

Habitat Improvement for Trout Streams Manual

Completed Stream Bank Project on the Allegheny River near Roulette, PA. Approximately 350 feet of mudsill crib was installed to protect a telephone pole and reduce sediment from entering the waterway. Mudsill cribs provide excellent overhead cover for trout and other fish species and provide great armoring for eroding banks on sharp meanders in the stream channel.

Before:                                                            After:

Completed Canoe/Kayak Launch site on the Allegheny River and Genesee River.

Multi-log vane deflectors installed on a tributary to the Sinnemahoning Creek. These structures help to protect the toe of an eroding stream bank by bumping flows off the tips of the logs during rainfall events.

Cross vanes installed on Bailey Run, a tributary to the First Fork of the Sinnemahoning Creek. Cross vanes center flows in the stream channel and provide grade control as well as plunge pools for fish.

Large Woody Debris Placement, implemented in the Kettle Creek Watershed. In many areas of Potter County our wild trout streams have excellent water quality but are lacking in diverse in-stream habitat. The Conservation District along with state agencies is working to rectify this by using “chop and drop” debris addition to streams in secluded areas. This debris will help to create pocket water and pools that our wild trout need to survive.